About Us

Adesso represents years of expertise in employee benefits, offering programs developed through in-depth industry knowledge and client feedback.

benefits provider

Adesso offers leading solutions for employers aiming to recruit and retain top talent through employee benefits strategies, supporting you in reaching your goals.

Adesso delivers high value, user-friendly benefit solutions and with 30 years of experience, clients can trust they are in capable hands amid dynamic statutory and federal regulations.

Our Core Values

Guided by extensive experience with statutory and federal regulations, Adesso emphasizes a commitment to compliance.
Adesso means “now” in Italian, reflecting our commitment to delivering users the solutions they need, when they need them.
With Adesso, all pertinent information is available at your fingertips, in an easy to use mobile application.
Our customer service is driven by technology, but with a human touch and experts on call and ready to help when they’re needed.
Your card, your benefits, your choice.
If you have questions, we’re ready for them with customer support via live chat or a phone call with reliable people who bring solutions.

Setting you up for success and always ready to help, contact us to discuss the possibilities.